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Book of Mormon

Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfer time!!!! 4-20-15

Hello again! I thought about a starting this out with that because this is the last week before them! So if you guys don't get an email next Monday it means I or he got transferred and we had to travel on Monday. So, That solves that for right now.
This week was not terribly eventful. There were a few things that are worth noting. So lets jump in!
On Monday night and Tuesday we did a division with the other elders in the city. One of them is being trained! I ended up with him to have a mini training experience so that was awesome. We had a great time together and it was kinda weird. Why? Because he is 21 and I'm 18. So that was weird being the more experienced one.
On Thursday we were doing a contact like normal with our backs to the road when a moPED came and stopped behind us and the guy got off. At first I thought "Oh he just lives here too."(Because we were talking to 2 women.) He came up to us and said to the women," Do you know who they are? They are missionaries of a church that preaches against the Bible. They worship Gods on different planets and believe in a different book instead of the Bible. They also worship a man called Joseph Smith who killed 11 people during his ministry. They also are here doing this because their Prophet sent them when even their prophet didn't serve a mission." He went on and on about all kinds of garbage that he must have found on the internet and yeah. While that was happening I felt something happening within me. I suddenly understood with a clarity of mind as if he was speaking English. I was able to express myself as I could if I was speaking English. I felt the Spirit powerfully working through me and defending what I KNOW to be true. It didn't matter a thing for him because he was just looking for a fight but it made all the difference for me. Just a cool/action experience in missionary life.
Other then then we have two people to pray for this week!
L: She is 18 and was already taught by the missionaries here and is very intelligent. She feels that everything is true and that she feels like she needs to pray to find out for sure. If you could pray for her to help her recognize her answer so that she can know that this is the true church I would be grateful.
D Family: They are a family of less actives that got baptized a few years ago but lost activity. Their son in law is an investigator and needs to feel the importance of the Book of Mormon.
If you could pray for them I would be soo grateful!
I love you guys and I cant wait to tell you the news of the TRANSFERS!!
Take Care!
Elder George

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