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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 1, 2014

This week was a lot better! We had quite a ball! I missed my first Thanksgiving though..... Didn´t like that too much. BUT, we went to a Pizza Rodizio on Thursday! Mike probably knows what that is. ;) But its basically a buffet of Brazilian pizza. SO GOOD. 
Today We are in A city called Laguna, which is where we come to email. With some other elders in our district. Super! COOL! I speak English with them. One is from UTAH! The other is from Brasilia. He speaks English really well though. Laguna is pretty much a bigger Imarui.

I spend 4 hours a day studying... 1 hour-esh of BOM, 2 hours of PMG and 1 hour of language.... its not terribly fun.... but I gotta do it to get better. Understanding the language is good. Getting better everyday.
We had a REALLY good lesson this week. And because of it we have a baptism scheduled for the 13th of this month!!!! Her name is Raquel and she is not very young her husband just died and she is very interested in the Plan of Salvation. So we are teaching her 2 times a week until then!
We finally met one of our referrals that we got from the assistants to the pres! He is like mid 20´s and he is NOT suffering for money. He lives in like a freaking stronghold! Huge house. He´s super interested but really busy as well. we think we´ll convert him though ;)
The weather here is getting very hot! Everyday while walking feels like death..... But it´s also windy so that’s okay... It makes it bearable.
We are right next to a lake and so seafood would be common you´d think! We´ve had it once and they literally deep fried a fish! A whole fish! It was very strange..... Definitely different then the US.
There’s little markets in Imarui. Like BILo. We don't even have a supermarket...So we can get food there, but there really isn't much of anything else. Groceries are more money then I thought it was.... :/
The People here are WAY different then the states. They have no filter! They just say whatever. AND Because I look American Everyone tries to speak English with me! The people in our area are Brazilian. I´m pretty far south. They are more German north in the state. All Brazilians here.
Well everybody, That’s all the interesting stuff this week! Love everybody there! Stay safe! And you boys out there, NUNCA PÁRA PREPERANDO!!!! Esta é muito importante. Nunca pára. Eu sei que esta igreja é veirdadeira.
 (Translation: Never stop preparing!!!! This is very important. Never stop. I know this church is true.)
Elder George
Elder George at Sao Paulo Brazil Temple

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