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Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Another view from my apartment window

November 24, 2014
I am doing well! The area is good. REALLY small, only 8000 people. My companion is Elder Badger. He is from California. He is good. I´ll send you a pic next week of us.. It is just us two elders for 2 hours by bus. So we have our own apt. SO NICE . I am pretty happy, Some days are worse then others but thats life. Homesickness comes on sometimes. But I just have to press through it.. My left foot has been giving me some trouble... just the shoes I think. But other than that not really. Could you send me my glasses? My vision has been better, and some days are worse than others. Also, could you send me another yellow shot record from the CDC? I will need it to get back into the US. Also, could you send a fitted sheet? THEYRE LIKE 80 Reals HERE. ($35)
Teaching is pretty inconsistent. People don’t really have much desire here. Lots of Catholics as well. Kinda hard. We have 1 kid that’s 17 that’s progressing kind of. He wants to be baptized but his dad won’t let him.
How is the language coming? Idioma é difícil sempre. Eu posso entender mais ou menos todas coises.
The members sometimes feed us lunch. We have a schedule but most of the time the member who is supposed to feed us just gives us money to buy food. We get food and cook at home. We eat mostly what we can make. I made fried chicken once. But other than that a lot of instant meals... I´ve been eating fruits and vegetables though! We had a pineapple that may have been one of the best pineapples ever!!! Also, Bananas and oranges and corn and peas and beets. The most exotic thing... Probably That pineapple. Rice and beans are really the base meal here.
I got your package and only opened the things that weren’t wrapped for Christmas. I would love more oatmeal and sweettarts!!!!!!!!!
Today, We’re gonna go look for a tie store! Super exciting!!!! I actually have 2 hours on the computer for letter writing today, so that is unusual. I got quite a few emails this week. So that’s still good! Yes, I am able to print the emails you send to me, but I also love the hand written letters. Also, I like the pics you send in the emails, but REALLY like the ones I can hold in my hand. BTW, I can only get packages and actual mail when we go to Floripa, which is rare, Or at zone meetings. Which are once a month.
This week was good! We had some pretty good success this week! We gave out 3 LDM this week so we could potentially have 3 new investigators! So that’s cool! We had some good food this week. We had Lunch with the ward yesterday! I´m used to having tables and chairs to set up an take down, but the whole ward fit on one table! Only like 12 people there! kinda sad...
We have done a LOT of traveling this transfer... We´ve really only had 7 days actually preaching the gospel.... Bummer. And we have a conference with our area authority this week in Floripa! So we´ll be traveling again! YAY!!! Muito chato... Oh well they have something we need to hear!
Well everyone, I wish you well this week!
I´ll leave a message that I learned this week in a bit of a hard way.
This week I hit a really hard bottom.... But while I was reading the scriptures and I happened upon the Atonement Chapter in Luke. Christ Is the perfect example of humility and toughness. I decided that day that I would not " boast in my own strength" but I will "boast in the strength of my God" because I know that without them I would be nothing.
So for you boys out there in the family, remember that when you embark on your missions like I have. It WILL be hard. But with the strength of OUR God we can do anything. Remember your Savior especially at this time of Christmas. Love you all.
Elder George.

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