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Book of Mormon

Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

This week was good. Definately a trial for faith though. We didnt get into many houses this week. We stil have 2 investigators, one of which with a baptism date, but we didnt get to teach either of them this week... Really disappointing. I realized last week that I never mentioned thier names! They are David and Raquel. Raquel's is pronounced Hakell. They aren't any different. We're trying to get them ready to be baptized but its not going teribly well.
Also there is a different thing going on is this mission. We are not allowed to do service unless we get it approved by the President. So that method of trying to get to know the branch is out the window...
Christmas isn't as hyped as it is in the US. Kinda really disappointing. But oh well. Me and Elder Badger will find something to do. Our transfer ends on friday so he may not even be here.... We'll find out.
So one thing about my area is we have spiders. They are huge!!! They are about the size of half a dollar bill. HUGE. So everytime we find one and kill it we have "a burnt offering to the spider gods" for it ;) haha-Kinda fun.
Not much spiritual this week. Just the everyday study, walk, get sunburnt, and get turned away. I finished 3 Nephi this week and that was good. I loved seeing the teachings of Christ in the americas. But that was really it.
Well everyone, thats it this week! Stay safe everyone! And you boys, keep preparing! Never Stop!
I have one bit of advice for you boys, especially you Justin and Joseph. You are the closest to the mission field in the George family. Prepare spiritually definitely, but also prepare emotionally. Missions are very difficult. Its not fun all the time. And you WILL be homesick. SO think of things here to do for your family that you can remember when times get tough. Make sure you make your relatonship last. Cause  you wont be there for much longer! 
Love you guys. Stay safe everyone.
Elder George

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