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Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Beautiful View of Imarui coastline

This week was one of the longer ones. When you´re in a place with only 8000 people it makes contacts rather difficult. So that was hard this week. But lets see what was good this week shall we!
We had our Christmas conference this week so that was a good time. I think all the missionaries went in thinking it would be a day of Spiritual meetings but what we found was very different.
They had a whole bunch of games set up for us!!! It was a very big surprise! They even had 2 xboxs with kinect games going! That was insane. AND Pres. Silva was pretty good! It was funny.
Teaching was slow this week. We only had 2 lessons with actual investigators. So that was a bummer. But all we can do is soldier on. We are teaching a 20 year old guy that wants to be baptized but he knows he has to stop smoking first. So we are working with him on that.
As for interesting experience, we were out with our branch mission leader and we were talking to this guy and 2 girls walk along the road and the mission leader calls to them.(Disclaimer everyone in this city is out of their ever loving minds.) And he says to them,"Hey! Have you recieved a present today?!" SERIOUSLY?! Me and elder badger were like OH NO..... They probably thought they were gonna be kidnapped.... That was bad. Why he said that is we are handing out cards with "HE is the Gift" meaning Christ.So that was awkward....
As for weather here. ITS GETTING HOTTER. We die practically everyday! WE go through so much water and refri. Its rediculous! But it is Brazil so I knew it would be hot! So that will be something yet to get used to. Michael, what did you do for that? Any advice? Steve? Sarah? How'd you guys beat the heat?
I guess thats it. Love everyone there!
Take Care!
Elder George

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  1. I love the lound of their Christmas party....I hope it booste their spirits!!