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Book of Mormon

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Getting There: District meeting, a basher, and a birthday wish 8-8-16

This week FLEW by! WE could hardly catch up with it! Every time I would look at my watch it would be 6ish or 7 already! It has been craziness! We continue on our finding and we are starting to find people that are more interested and that is something that is changing us drastically.

MONDAY:  Today was a good Pday. It was long which was good and bad at the same time. I have found that at any time when we aren't doing something I start to think about home and everything that is waiting for me and so that slowed down time. At night we visited two new families one of which doesn't have much interest really but the other we are pretty sure are elect. They are F and J. They have a little 2 year old girl. They asked a lot of questions really wanting to know more and not debate things. They were very interested in the Book of Mormon and they really want to know more! We were both kinda shocked at the lesson and how well it went. So that was Monday really.

TUESDAY:  Today was also good as far as teaching! We had 4 lessons and they were for the most part good except for two which weren't terribly productive... The people just weren't to into the lesson so we will stop teaching them in a bit if the don't progress. We met with V and his desire to come to church has grown so we'll see if he comes through Sunday! I had my last lunch with V and G and that was sad really. But it's good because I'll still see them every Sunday at least until I go. Tuesday came and went!

WEDNESDAY: Today was a rainy day and there was 2 lessons but one of which was basically talking to a old lady from a different church and her telling us what she believes and getting irritated if we didn't agree with her. We had a lesson with a guy who married a girl who is an LDS member who doesn't participate, and he is nice but we're not sure if they are wanting us to come back. We shared a message and we'll go back next week. Nothing too interesting today!

THURSDAY:  Today was lunch with the branch president's family, and I finally got a picture with them and now mom cant ask for it any more because I got it! It will be my second to last lunch there so that was a bummer. But life goes on. We met with J again and they are so excited to get to know the church more and they are on track to be at church this week! We also had a lesson at night with L and F with a couple from the branch and it was good because they both have powerful testimonies of the Gospel and it'll help the investigators a bunch! Good day!

FRIDAY:  Today was district meeting and it was pretty good this time around. We did a debate/ discussion about how inviting people to act is important and how they can understand what to do and do it. It was good. After that we had to go to the island (Florianopolis) to do some medical exams for my companion and so that ate our day really. We'll see how his eyes are later next week!

SATURDAY:  Today was our last Lunch with J and E and it was awesome. They made roast and potatoes and  that made fasting a wonder. I felt that a different attitude about fasting makes everything different. Tonight we shared a message at the Young Men's activity using a pool table analogy and it turned out well. 

SUNDAY:  Today was MY LITTLE SISTER'S BDAY and I was thinking about her a lot and hoping she had a good day. We had a lesson today with F and T and they are gonna try to come to church next week. They are enjoying the Book of Mormon and seeing the ways that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is like the Church that Christ established. Unfortunately, none of the people we taught came to church... Everyone fell on that commitment. So that was a huge bummer. So that was a down hill descent for the week but next Sunday will be better that way!

But that was this week! I'll be sure to put some more details next week because we have to go already! Love you guys!

Elder George

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