Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2 Left! 8-15-16

This week was quiet really. Nothing too grand and marvelous to update on! So I guess we'll get to what happened!
MONDAY:  Well today we had the usual email session and lunch at Subway which is always good. Afterword I started looking at my closet and thinking about what I could start to put away just to not be stressed on the last week. So I put some of the clothes and ties that I wouldn't use before I got home in my suitcases and I'm starting to organize them just to know that it'll be fine on the way home. So that was good and now i only have the ties that I'll use out and day after day I'll put it away. Another way to countdown the days! ;) HAHA TRUNKY RIGHT? But I'm not really thinking about home just trying to plan and get ready. You know? We had a lesson tonight and it was good. We have really started to know how to communicate well with people and help them understand the lessons. This couple really doesn't have too much interest but they understand everything. We'll meet with them next Pday to see about if anything has changed.
TUESDAY:  Well this morning we went to the eye doctor to see if my companion has glaucoma or not and it turns out that he doesn't. So he was relieved about that. We had lunch with a member. We had a few lessons tonight and they were all good but one of them was really the most effective. We found a guy a few weeks ago that seems super interested and wants to change his life! So we stopped by tonight to see how he was and he is doing well.
WEDNESDAY:  Today was lunch with J and I didn't take a picture with them because we'll have one more lunch appointment there in two weeks so that'll be fine to do then. After that we smashed the tracting and talked to 50 people.! That was cool because we spent all time trying to find new people. It was good because I was focused on the quality and not the quantity since we had a lot of time to tract. It was a good experience even though sometimes its annoying(in the rain cold heat you know). It was a good day!
THURSDAY:  Today we ate lunch at a restaurant and that is normal really. Nothing new there. And we went back at the tracting since our investigators are falling off the path every step of the way. We did well again but tonight we had an appointment with L and F... L seems to be more dedicated to learning and knowing then F but it's good to help them out. There was another lady there that was convinced the the Savior wouldn't come again because the world was just to bad and without hope. We tried to explain and it just wouldn't do it for her. So that was interesting... 
FRIDAY:  This morning was district meeting and we ended up having to do it later since the bus tickets for one area got messed up. So they got there late but the meeting went well really! We talked about teaching PEOPLE not just lessons and that's always full of new insights and cool experiences. Today we visited with V and that was eh... his desire to follow is solely based on if he KNOWS right now about EVERYTHING being true... So that's a big challenge for us. We also talked to another investigator who is just as set on following her religion as ever so we cut her too.... Sad day.
SATURDAY:  Today was the last lunch with the ward mission leader and it was good. We took him on some visits afterword and he helped us with J and F and it was good because now that they have another friend they'll want to come to church more often. We met with I again today and he read the whole pamphlet about the Restoration and he knew everything! It was cool to see that he really is excited to go to church but this Sunday he wont be able to because he has to work and take his mother in law to the bus station because she was visiting them. But next week! :D
SUNDAY:  Today was lunch with F and Church was in the afternoon yet again. We finally got F and T to go which was so good. They didn't have too great of an experience because some of the leadership at church was stressed out.... So that was disappointing but hopefully they got past that. F is reading the Book of Mormon and likes it because the story is basically about any other family trying to follow Christ, but they have a little more responsibility. It was a good visit with them as well. I felt like the week went by so fast again! When you work hard it goes by real quick!

Well I love you all. I was reminded this week about service and how when the Savior would cure people's afflictions he would ask them not to tell anyone. We shouldn't seek glory from our peers when we do the right thing. We do the right thing BECAUSE it is right. We had an experience about this yesterday. I know the Priesthood is the Power of God. May we Cherish it more in our lives. I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Deven George

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