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Book of Mormon

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 17, 2014

I am in a city called Imarui South of Florianopolis. I can only get letters at the mission home. They dont want us to get any letters anywhere else.
Well this week was LONG. Lots of traveling. Our area is 4 hours south of Floripa by bus. So, We had a lot of time to sleep off the plane ride and getting up at 4 in the morning. Other then that. nothing is really new. My companion is cool. the people here are nice, kinda crazy though, and the weather is warm. Attached is the view from our appartment which is pretty nice btw! Pretty roomy, clean, and stays cool throughout the day.
Food here is good as well. We have had to cook for ourselves so thats different then the CTM. Now we just prostelite, go to meetings, plan, eat, and have a good time! Portuguese is coming along well. I´m understanding people more then the first day. Which is nice. OTher then that, if anyone wants to semd a letter to me, send it to the mission home. My mom has the address. I cannot recieve mail at my apartment.... So thats a drag but it should be good. Other then that everyone, sorry for the short email today. uploading pictures took a lot of time, and emailing the Mission Pres. isn´t super easy cause I dont speak or write in Portuguese very well yet. Well everyone, see you next week!
Elder George

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