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Book of Mormon

Monday, July 11, 2016

Transfer Week Coming ---7-11-16

Well this week has to be a little fast because we are going to Elder And Sister Davis for lunch and they are waiting for us so I'll cover the best things!

So this week we taught AP and she decided to stop taking the lessons. That wasnt the best. She said there are points in the Gospel that she just cant come to grips with. So we had to stop teaching her. It was really sad because we really love her and want the best for her. So that was a sad moment but there are others that need our help too.

This week after District meeting Elder C and Elder Z from our district decided to take on a 2 liter Açaí challenge. It's like a smoothie but a little thicker with fruit and stuff. So they decided to try and take that down. Elder C got to the very end of the 30 minute time limit and couldnt get the fruit finished on time... But Elder Z got it all done in 28:30! HE is a champ. So that was something funny that we did. I'm gonna try it this week ;) (Elder Z is in the black sweater.)

Saturday we had a party at the church and it was basically a Pioneer day party. It was really fun and there was a lot of food there! All kinds of sweets and cakes and hot dogs (that are different than in the states) and soda! There were a lot of people there that either weren't members of our Church or were not actively participating and that is the best part because the easy lay back activities make it so people feel more comfortable and felt the goodness in the atmosphere. I got some pictures of the stuff that we did.

The family from Amazonas isn't doing too well... It looks like they will be cut here in a bit. They just don't show much interest any more. Maybe some other time they'll do more in the Gospel. 

This week is transfers and we are both hoping to stay here together and that's the goal really. 

But for the most exciting stuff that's about it! I'll take some pictures at Davis' house and send them next week! LOVE YOU GUYS! Stay safe!

Elder George

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