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Book of Mormon

Monday, July 18, 2016

Olympic Torch and Closed Doors----- 7-18-16

Today I have very little to report unfortunately... We didnt hardly teach this week because nobody was willing to listen to us. We knocked doors all week and didnt get into any. So it was a bummer. We are convinced that this week will be much better. We both stayed here this last transfer and I will end my mission here. I am happy about it and we are doing well together. It has been really good to get to know someone so well and get along through thick and thin. My companion has truly grown to be a great friend.
We saw the Olympic torch this week! That was the highlight really. it was kinda like a group of floats going down the road and that was it. It was cool becasue it was the TORCH but the rest was a bit ehhh. So that was the highlight of the week.

I wanted to wish mom and dad a happy anniversary and I hope you had a great day of rememberance of all the happy days! :D LOVE YOU GUYS!
This week I was reading about Zion and I was amazed about one thing that Zion does. Zion people strive to HELP EVERYONE SELFLESSLY and I thought a lot about members of the church everywhere who help so selflessly but about others that NEED a gain out of their help. I thought about the City of Enoch and how they were of one mind and one heart. They did everything in unity and were perfectly obedient. They KNEW they needed to because it was what the Savior would do. WE need to be more concerned about our neighbors and treat them how they can become. If people have problems we should treat them how we expect them to become. We can't treat people poorly because of how they are now-their weaknesses or faults; that is not how we would want to be treated most of the time. So we ought to take some more time thinking about how we can help our neighbors. That is something we applied this week with people that shut their door in our face. We didnt feel mad our angry because that isn't what the Savior would do. We would feel sad, because we know that they would be happier with Christ in their lives, but it's their choice. We cant do anything to make them accept. So when we think about the things that people do to us that aren't very nice, let's us do as the Savior taught and turn the other cheek and forgive them. We'll grow to love them and serve them and sooner or later that person will see the things they should change. They will recognize truth and will seek for it. As for ourselves, because of our faith and efforts to follow Christ, we can become a people that the Savior will be satisfied in seeing when He returns.
I love you all and I encourage the young ones to read about Captain Moroni ( ) and learn how to be like him. He truly was a servant of the Lord. If we can be like him we will become a Zion people. ONE HEART AND ONE MIND. I know this is true.
Love you all.
Elder George

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