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Book of Mormon

Monday, January 18, 2016

Paradise! ---January 18, 2016

Companions at the Beach 

Friends and Family,

How is everyone today!? Is it cold wherever you are? Do you enjoy it? YOU SHOULD! Because this week it was HOT all week long. So enjoy the cold while you have it. It won't be around for very much longer!
This week we had our leadership conference and it was fantastic! We had several trainings on how to help people progress and grow. After lunch we had a training with President Silva and he gave us some time to ask questions about doctrine. So we spent a little while asking questions about things that would never be taught to investigators. That was a blast! He really does know the scriptures.
We also got to take a bunch of pictures and chat for a while. I finally found Sister George! That was funny. Apparently a lot of people said good things about me to her and she was super excited to meet me! That was nice for a change. Usually when people spread things around the mission they aren't very good things. Most of the time its not the truth either. But this time was different thankfully. I saw Elder Stahn and that was amazing. We had a blast catching up about life and messing around a bit.
Sister G
I also got a few letters and a package!!! I didn't actually get to look at the package until we were on the bus. So I got it out and looked at the front to try and guess what was in it and the note said "Neckties..... 11!!! I thought to myself could mom have really bought 11 ties??? I opened it and there was another note. It talked about my righteous Priesthood holder examples and I thought," Oh no... There is a tie from every example in my life...." I started looking through and reading the notes and it was almost a very emotional deal. I was honored to have the support of so many men who are so important in my life, many who have served just as I am. It was funny because there were some ties that had a smell to them still. One that was the strongest smell was Jereme's. I thought to myself when I caught the scent," Only seven more months until I'll see him..."
So I guess that leads me to the next topic! We got a calendar for everything that'll happen in the mission this year and it has all the dates for the transfers. President talked about all the dates and told the Americans that we weren't allowed to stay one day past our date to leave. I looked at the transfer closest to that day and it is AFTER OCTOBER 1st!!! I looked at the transfer before and it's AUGUST 28th!!!! I'LL GET HOME IN AUGUST!!!!!! That was an absolutely awesome thing to find out. So next week I'll only have 7 months left to go!!!!!!!!!!   CRAZY!!!
Anyway, I sent some beach pics and that was actually in a different area. We had to go do a baptismal interview and it just so happened to be close to the beach so we went and took pictures. It was fantastic. I could like beach life in the summer. BUT in the winter there has to be snow because if not.... :(

The zone is doing well. We have a meeting on Wednesday where the general missionary board will train us via satellite! That should be cool. We are in charge of setting up the projector and that'll be good to learn how to do that. The obedience is doing better then when I got here, thankfully, because I have been cracking down on some poor souls. They just don't care about rules and so I went on a rampage and that was that. It's better now.
But as far as the week that was it really. I love you all and remember that ALL prayers are answered and we were never sent here to fail but to succeed GLORIOUSLY.
Com amor e carinho,
Elder George


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